Digital Thermostat Solutions For Your New Orleans Home


AC ExpertsMaximize the energy efficiency, comfort and convenience of your heating and air conditioning systems with a wide range of digital programmable thermostats from Stuart Air Conditioning.  We have been the trusted choice in New Orleans homes for the last 55 years. Our expert service is guaranteed (read more here). You can also read from our delighted customers here.

Discover how a thermostat solution from Stuart Air Conditioning can benefit you:

1.  Thermostat Savings

The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends switching to digital programmable thermostats as being one of the easiest ways to save money from your energy bill.  Modern thermostats mean you no longer have to keep your air conditioning running when you leave the house. You can now program the system to start running just before you arrive home, ensuring the right temperature is waiting for you. Likewise, the system can help with cooling or heating before you wake-up, too. Stuart Air-Conditioning also offers thermostat solutions with a variety of programmable settings which allow heating and cooling temperatures to be adjusted throughout the day.

2.    Remote Control

Conveniently take control of your air conditioning systems with a remote control thermostat. You can adjust the temperature from wherever you are in the house rather than having to seek out the control unit every single time.

3.    Touch Screen Technology

For added ease-of-use our premium range of thermostats feature touch screen technology to put even more power at your fingerprints. The easy-to-read display also displays information about your system too.

4.    Professional, On-time Service

Stuart Air Conditioning’s technicians are fully qualified and insured. We understand the importance of punctual service and can schedule appointments for when it is most convenient for you.


For all your New Orleans thermostat requirements, call and speak with the experts at Stuart Air Conditioning today.

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