Energy Efficiency Savings From Your Home's Air Conditioning System


EfficientTo help reduce your New Orleans home's energy consumption and lower your energy costs, speak with the energy efficient specialists at Stuart Air Conditioning.  Our company has been assisting home owners with their home comfort needs for 55 years. We can offer help and advice regarding the latest technology and maintenance that will minimize your energy consumption and make a real saving on your utility bills. We are fully licensed to install and maintain all energy efficient air conditioning systems on the market and all with a level of service which is second to none.

Discover how you could start saving today:

1.  Modern Technology

Technology is continually helping air conditioning systems become more efficient year after year.  Today’s high efficiency SEER systems are much more efficient than even the best on the market from ten years ago, often using only half the energy. Upgrading older systems to the latest Energy Star rated air conditioning systems can make a real saving on your energy consumption and translate through to dollars saved on electricity and gas bills.

2.  Customized Installation

The amount of possible savings available depends not just on your system, but also the expertise of the installation.  For example, you could have a very efficient system but if it is too small or too large for your home it will never be performing at optimum levels.  Likewise if the unit is not correctly installed it won't achieve its laboratory efficiency levels.  Stuart Air Conditioning can help with a professional installation to make the most of your system.

3.  Tune-Up Your Existing System

Like any piece of machinery, your air conditioning system will benefit from regular maintenance. A well maintained air conditioner operates at up to 25% better efficiency than a poorly maintained unit and you have the added benefit of helping your system work safely and reliably. A comprehensive system tune-up from Stuart Air Conditioning can improve efficiency and also help prevent future problems.  Read about our tune-ups here.

4.  Home Zoning

Your existing air conditioning system might cool large areas of your home, but energy savings can be made by cooling on a zone-by-zone basis, with a home zoning solution from Stuart Air Conditioning.  Read more about how you can save here.

5.  Digital Programmable Thermostat Upgrades

A thermostat upgrade from Stuart Air Conditioning provides you with added convenience and a way to reduce energy consumption and power bills. Read more about how thermostats can help you save here.


For professional solutions and advise on ways to save on your air conditioning and heating, call and speak with the experts at Stuart Air Conditioning today.

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