Dehumidification New Orleans

HumidityBeat the humidity in New Orleans, with the ultimate in humidity control for your home from Stuart Air Conditioning. With over 55 years experience servicing the home comfort needs of New Orleans home owners, you can relax knowing you're in the hands of a professional and well established business.  Read about our great service level here, and from our other happy customers here.

Discover how Stuart Air Conditioning can help control your humidity levels today:

1.  Improved Home Comfort

Humid weather can be uncomfortable, and our leading dehumidification technology can remove up to 150 pints of moisture a day from your home.  High humidity isn't just uncomfortable, it can also promote the growth of mold in the home, with the associated air quality hazards.  Stuart Air Conditioning offers a variety of humidity solutions which can maintain the correct level for your home or office to help safeguard your comfort.

2.  Save on Cooling Costs

As we "feel" temperature, the levels of humidity in the air can impact the temperature we feel.  By removing excess humidity in your home in summer, the requirement to lower the temperature is reduced, which means you can save on your air conditioning.

3.  Whole House Solution

With an “All-of-home” humidity solution you do not need to turn on and off different units as you move about the house. The system works automatically to keep your home comfortable.

4. Easy Control

With our control units you can simply set the level of humidity you would like and the system will take care of the rest.

5.  Solve Problem Areas

Certain areas of your home like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries can be more prone to moisture and humidity issues, and our technology can help resolve those issues.

6.  Integrates With Your HVAC System

An all-of-home humidity solution can become part of your central air and heating system. This allows them to be silent and out-of-sight.

7.  Best Systems on the Market

Stuart Air Conditioning is able to offer the most modern, energy efficient systems on the market. Our humidity solutions are fully automatic and have the highest performance levels currently available for the residential market.

8.  Up-Front Pricing

We provide a no-obligation quote at the outset of beginning any work. Our rates are calculated “per job” and not “per hour” so if for any reason the work takes longer than expected you will only have to pay the initial price given.

For all your humidity control questions and needs in New Orleans, call and speak with Stuart Air Conditioning today.

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